Our Operation

As a cleaning specialist, we believe that our service role incorporates the following responsibilities:

How do we do our jobs?

  • Analyze the full scope of service in detail
  • Discuss with customer about their specific requirements
  • Finalize the schedule of works
  • Engage the skilled and trained workers after brief them about the schedule of works
  • Keeping regular conduct with the customers and collecting their regular comments about the service
  • Practicing regular on job training
  • Maintaining regular checking and follow-up.

As a minimum these objectives are:

  • To maintain Health, Hygiene and Safety
  • To enhance the image of the clients organization through our work, our people and our attitudes
  • Cleaning is a science of its own, so through ongoing training, we go to great lengths to ensure that all members of our team are competent Contract Cleaning Specialists.
  • Professional know-how in terms of cost effective implementation.


  • Before work commence, we always prepare a schedule of work, which made our job easy to perform. This schedule enables us to meet the customer demand easily. So, this is a very important step for our work.
  • After prepare a work program roughly, we consult with the customer to make it final. It must be easily adjustable to fit anyone’s institution. Also if a day has to be missed, we either let it go till the day of master cleaning or pick it up the next day, depending on how we feel.
  • We will maintain registrar to record all cleaning jobs to be done effectively.

WORKER REPLACEMENT SYSTEM: Absenteeism of worker is a burning issue in our business. To resolve this problem, we always prepare with standby cleaners and try to send it before any notification by the valued customer. Because, we believe, it is not our customer’s duty to ask us to send the replacement. After getting confirmation about the absence of the cleaners, we would immediately send the replacement.