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Cleaning & Maintenence Services

• Corporate Cleaning •Industrial Cleaning •Commercial Cleaning •Residential Cleaning •Interior & Exterior Glass Cleaning

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Specialized Cleaning Services

•All types of floor scrubbing •Polishing, Waxing, Buffing •All premises Master Cleaning •Carpet, chair, sofa shampooing & extraction •Power washing of surrounding and pavement

Go to Pest Control Services

Pest Control Services

•Cockroach Control •Rodent/Rat Control •Termite Control (Pre construction and Post construction) •Snake & Crawling Insects •Bed bug •Mosquito & Other Flying Insects

Go to Janitorial Services

Janitorial Services

•Tea Boy •Messenger •Peon •Gardener

About us

Estate Management Services

Estate Management Services, hereafter referred to as ems, is a professional cleaning Service provider in Bangladesh. We are dreamed to make a one stop service solution center for our customers to give the definitive service solution for all of their needs. Management itself is highly skilled and has intense and outstanding professional cleaning skills and experience in the industry. Our staff is our most important asset and therefore time, effort and personal attention and training are part of our values for the business. Equipment and chemicals of best quality are used in order for clients to always receive the best, latest and safest products and service. Management and staff of ems understand that the client is the first priority. They are committed to their service and undertake to study and understand the client’s policies and procedures.

  • Maintenance Service